Why should one go on a trek?

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If you’re desk slug, this is the most next-to-obvious question when you are insisted to the point of irritation by your close friend or family about going on a trek. You are definitely not interested in putting any effort to google about it. By any slightest amount of blue moon chance, you invest your time boggling about it. You turn down your hopes of having an adventure. Why? Simply because you haven’t been on a trek and all the mountaineering activity requires a bit of exercising and you are not ready to compromise on your beauty sleep or worse, having to find out your lungs capacity is pathetic.

Building a lot many excuses about work deadlines and commitments and there you go; the idea is all dumped and long forgotten.

So proudly we all talk about self-love and exploring ourselves. We love to swipe and play motivational videos of hot shots and how they came to an understanding of life in a unique way. We invest our every scrunch up minutes of time to admire those people and their ideologies. So, out of all the options why don’t we just pack our rucksack and for once think out loud ‘let’s do this’?

Stop playing rush and catch

Right from the break of dawn till midnight hours, our life goes about like a scripted timetable. We rush to meet our commitments be it, family, be it kids, and be it girlfriend or boyfriend and everything possible under the sun which demands our attention. In between this play of rush and catch, we lose out on our peace of mind. In this monotony and race for money, we lose the touch with our original self.

So, disconnect yourself for a while from the toxic environment of the corporate civilization and breathe into the majestic view of snow clad mountains and flowered valleys. You will find yourself in the arms of nature rekindling the passion you lost once with a happy beat in your heart.

Nature at its best

No amount of camera filters can replace the beauty of nature seen with naked eyes. As you find yourself trekking through a trail, many times you will get to see undiscovered sighting spots that will have you burst into tears with happiness. Let that feeling seep into you, let nature become a part of you.

You can have the best memories of your life

There’s nothing more adventurous than celebrating your birthday 12,000 feet above the ground with a beautiful mount ranges filling your view at the dawn.

It’s a whole package which screams enjoyment and memories but it’s not a limited concept. It’s like a super thriller novel power packed with action, adventure and life.

Be it your self-interest, favourite sport or hobby, being close-knit of all the three, trekking is more about ourselves and nature.

Thesaurus isn’t enough to explain what the world looks like from there.

A Change in perception

It changes you in the most extraordinary ways and it’s all worth it. Through the uneven roads, sometimes rocky, sometimes pebbled, you learn more about fighting your demons and your take on life. Every time you will set out for the hills, you will return with a different light in your eyes. You will find yourself modest and be appreciated of the gift by the God, the gift of being able to exist in this world.

We are that 21st-century generation which suffers from seven deadly sins. So, for a change, how about we head out into the wilderness, live few moments untamed and uncontrolled?

A golden opportunity to be ‘old school cool’.

They say, ‘In India, our dialect changes every half a kilometre’ you can actually test the theory and be amazed by the results. If you’re a foodie, during your stay in the small town at the foothills, you will definitely find some space in your tummy for local dishes. It pushes you into interacting with people in the most convenient way possible. Blend in with the people and culture, you will yourself engrossed into tales from different histories happened there.

Cut down on materialistic comforts

Forget ‘what’s comfort zone’, let alone be bothered about taking a peek social media every two minutes.

Trekking helps with full technology detox therapy and helps you to keep your lungs in check (also helps you to take a good look of how you will look in a decade from now if you don’t take care of yourself)
You learn to manage your food and cash.

You will regret not doing it

Over the time, you have lived a life burdened with expectations and need for survival in a lavish and comfortable life. It’s not like you will be well and healthy throughout your life. Take this chance and pack your bags. Not every time your body will support your mind. It’s high time you should let out ‘Farhan Qureshi’ (from 3 Idiots) in you and leave an inked trail behind. Plus, it makes best after-party story to tell.

If you are a devoted traveller, your pilgrimage awaits you!


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