Terms and Condition

BOOKING AND PAYMENT : Bookings and payment options are available on the website. On booking your trip, you are liable to agree to the terms and conditions of Hustle Turtle, which are the same for all our members. Once booked, the trip can be transferred to a friend only once and can also be cancelled on your end according to the cancellation policy of Hustle Turtle.

DOCUMENTS ON MEDICAL FITNESS : The participants are required to produce a medical certificate signed and attested by an MBBS doctor certifying that the person is fit for the trek. This certificate is a compulsion without which the participant is not qualified to participate. The medical certificate is available on the HustleTurtle website. Along with this, the participant will need to fill a NOC (No Objection Certificate) form.

PROMOTIONS : While all the images on the HustleTurtle website are real site images, the images used on the website don’t promise the similar experience, this is variable based on the landscape weather and timing.

ITINERARY : Hustle Turtle reserves the right to modify or cancel the trip or part of the trip under circumstances, including but not limiting to Acts of God, Road Blockage, Political Unrest, Sickness, Accidents, Events beyond our control etc. Any extra cost arising from such circumstances shall be borne by you on the spot. Wherever possible, we shall intimate you of such changes in advance or while on the trip. In addition to this there will not be any refund if one is dropping out of the event voluntarily/involuntarily for any unused services like transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, meals or any under-utilised services.

COMMUNICATIONS : Request in the change of plan, request for refund in case of an early cancellation or inquiries related to bookings & payment should be preferably addressed via email on

BEHAVIOUR : The participants are required to behave in a manner that is acceptable to group travel. In case of extreme misbehaviour, the trip of the participate will be terminated with no refund for any unused services from that point of time. The authority for such decisions is assigned to the leader of the group. Behaviour that causes danger to other participants, leading to loss of property or distress to other members will not be tolerated.

LUGGAGE RESPONSIBILITY : Baggage and personal effects are at your risk throughout the trip. You are solely responsible for your personal belongings while on the trip. HustleTurtle is not responsible for the loss of baggage, goods, air tickets, passport, cash, traveler’s cheques, or any other travel document or item owned by you while on tour, whatever the cause.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY : In case of medical emergencies, the medical expenses during the trip such as hospital expenses, doctor fees, repatriation expenses, evacuation from road or mountain, any other charges incurred as a direct or indirect result of your illness / accident are your responsibility. Hustle Turtle will take the responsibility of escorting the participant to the nearest hospital at the earliest. While all of our trek leaders are trained in basic first aid and altitude related aid, they are not doctors; so we urge you to have patience and faith that we are doing our best to keep you safe.

PROGRAM DATES : You are solely responsible for verifying the correct dates mentioned on the travel documents.