Adventure Travel isn’t just about places and people. It’s about the experience, the thrill and the new. Experiences that are unique and enriching, thrills that give you goosebumps and head rush, and new as in something you haven’t ever done or even imagined doing in your daily life. When you’re travelling with Hustle Turtle, it isn’t about a set path or strict routine. Trekking with us is more about pushing yourself out of the comfort zone and supporting each other to take that one more step which brings us all closer to the destination. We are not just another Trekking Company that will guide you to reach the top of a mountain. We are passionate outliers and determined explorers who prefer campsites over mortgage and trekking over mileage. We are pathbreakers and trendsetters who are on a mission to generate awareness about adventure tourism among the country’s youth and help them become better humans by bringing them into contact with their inner-self. We encourage you to come on our treks to meet new people and build lasting relationships, push your limits and chase wild dreams. Come with us on these glorious adventures to open your mind and set your soul free as you Hustle on your Journey to Passion.

While travelling with HustleTurtle, be prepared to witness secret roads, unknown tunnels, undiscovered lakes, frozen rivers and so much more…the list is never-ending. Each day is a surprise.

A little more time to discover yourself. While trekking and camping with us, all you must do is pack your talent along with the essentials and we will take care of everything else. Maybe somewhere, inspiration will strike and set you forth on your greatest exploration.

You’ll feel the chills of the night, quest your thirst with fresh water from the river that will pass you by and challenge yourself with every hill you climb. You will live it raw with HustleTurtle. The feels of going way behind time, way away from your comfort zone but so close to heart.

People you never knew would become friends for life, ideas you didn’t know existed will be discussed around a bonfire. Maybe you’ll find a soul mate on the top of a snow cladded peak. This will be possible because of our curated participants list, consisting of bold makers and visionary thinkers along with openminded youth like yourself.


Hustle Turtlet is backed up by a team of dedicated and multi-talented individuals who push the bar every day and set the goals high for one-another.


hardik Agrawal




Manoj Shandilya




Satish Rakhal