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Reporting and Acclimatization:

Your journey to the mountains will begin from Patlikuhal. The HustleTurtle team will pick you from Patlikuhal anytime between 8 am to 10 am. On prior notice, an exception can be made for participants who happen to come post 10 am but before 12 noon. Once you freshen up, there will be an introductory and welcome session which will be followed by a team lunch, some rest and acclimatization walk, preferably before it gets dark. Upon return, we’ll have a technical session to discuss the precautions and preparations to be followed for the entire trek and about the next day’s schedule. This will be followed by a bonfire.​

Trek to Jobri:

The first morning of this trek we move towards Jobri, also known as Jobra. With mesmerizing views, the rocky Himalayas, dense forests decorated with a variety of trees like oak, maple, deodar and the alpines, trekking towards Jobri is unexceptional. As we reach Jobri, we have lunch, rest and explore the place. Have the evening at leisure followed by dinner and bonfire amongst the mountains.​

Trek to Balu ka Ghera :

With this day, comes the most special day of the trek, be ready for the thrilling experience of river crossing while heading towards Balu ka Ghera at 12,000 ft, a small delta. One side of the river crossing will be Rani river and a rectangular valley on the other side, a breath-taking experience indeed. The journey will take us 4 to 5 hours. As we reach Balu ka Ghera also known as the bed of sand, you are at the ground level with mountains right behind you. We camp here for the night amongst the mountains.

Shea Ghoru via Hampta Pass:

Today, we will traverse to Shea Ghoru by crossing the Hampta Pass and get close to 12,500 ft above sea level. The complete journey from Balu Ka Ghera to Shea Ghoru is 10 hours covering 10 km, a true taxing day. But you won’t feel the troubles as the journey is accompanied by the sheer beauty of the trail going through valleys, climbing rocks watching the river flowing below, and even walking on snow! Shea Goru is known to be the valley of snow, so once we reach here, you can rest in tents while watching the snow surround you by the riverside.​

Chatru – Chandratal Lake:

Our destination for the day will be Chandratal Lake, also known as Lake of the Moon, which is 70 km away from Chatru and takes 3 hours via vehicle. We begin the day with trekking to Chatru. On reaching Chatru, we have lunch, camp here and take a jeep ride to Chandratal Lake. The evening will be perfect as we enjoy the sunset and experience the onset of the night. After enjoying the lake site view entirely, resting there for a while, you will be back to Chatru, to your tents, and will stay there overnight.​​